A review of reviews

05 Apr

For a change of pace I thought it would be prudent to gain some perspective on the ways in which others critic movies. Anyone can watch a movie and give their opinion on it, which I feel is what I have done so far on this blog, but I would like to be able to eventually have a succinct style to my reviews. I acknowledge that I have a lot of room for improvement and there are many things I can learn from studying the movie blogs of others.

 I was led to one blog,, by my cousin, who is a part time actor and a very interesting and humorous character to say the least. The site is called ‘Movie Reviews by Old People’ and it is hilarious. While obviously fabricated, it offers reviews on recent films by some elderly citizens at the West Cherryhill’s Golden Years Home. The latest post was by a Mr. Muscare who reviewed “Never Say Never” (The Justin Bieber movie). Here is a sample of what he wrote:


“I like that Bieber boy.  He can sing and dance, and he has such a sweet smile, like Shirley Temple, but better.  My wife Barbara didn’t like it, she said it was too loud, but I thought it was just right.  This is the type of movie that makes me miss having a basement.  A place to go when I wanted to be alone, after I would play with all the neighborhood boys after my ice cream run around the block.” 

Up next is a site,, recommended to me by the professor for my blogging course, it’s called ‘Bitch Flicks: The Radical Notion that Women like Good Movies’. This site is, “devoted to reviewing films through a feminist lens. We’re interested in conversation about movies—good and bad—and the roles that women play in them. We strongly believe that movies both shape and reflect social values, and that the post-feminist leanings of many women today are misguided.”


Looking around the site I clicked on a review for Winter’s Bone, a film I myself have seen. The summary they gave was very thorough, and I appreciated that they went into detail about where the film took place and how the fact that it gave a raw depiction of poverty in the U.S. was what made it a captivating movie. Overall I thought this website did justice to empower females in the movie industry and in addition allowed for discussions of movies to take place on their site, giving an exclusive look on both sides of the spectrum.

There are also some very well-known and respected sites for movie reviews including When I think of movie reviews I trust when Roger Ebert gives it two thumbs up, or down. His site is easy to follow and to navigate. Also, there are links to buy his books, links to buy movie tickets and a link to receive his newsletter.

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