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Well readers, spring break has ended and it’s back to the real world. Break was rather short and monotonous for me. I waitressed or bartended every day that I was supposed to be “relaxing” and let me tell you it did not recharge my batteries or give me a tan! Now that school has started up again I have work or class every other day. Will this tiresome schedule never end?

I did allow myself to get some rest and relaxation watching movies, while spending some much needed quality time with my boyfriend. I swear W is taking advantage of this blog by making me watch even more ridiculous macho movies. He decided it would be fun to think of five movies, label them one through five, have me pick a number and that would be the movie we would watch.

I was only allowed to choose one of the five in the running, so I chose Demolition Man. I have seen it way back when and actually enjoyed it. Sandra Bullock stars alongside Sylvester Stallone and she is one of my favorite actresses. So when it came time to choose a number I came up with a genius plan to pick the movie I wanted. I knew W wouldn’t make my choice number one but since he had trouble coming up with movies I knew without a doubt it would be number two. And what do you know readers? I got exactly what I wanted.  

Other movies I watched over break included It’s Kind of a Funny Story, a film starring Zach Galifianakis. I highly recommend this satirical comedy which is based on a depressed teen who checks himself into a mental hospital. It left a bitter sweet impression upon me but I was left smiling thorough my tears.

Another film I saw is Tron: Legacy, which I viewed with W and his room mate. Based on the previews I did not think I would enjoy this film, however, the visuals and extravagant light display that composed the majority of the movie made the plot slightly better in my mind. It was convenient to have two nerd boys in the room I must say because I was a little lost with the technological aspects of this film. Watch it and tell me what you think!


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Oh my caricature!

Hey there readers! I’m going to be watching a new macho movie tomorrow (although W refuses to tell me what it is). Until then I decided I would whet your appetite for macho movies with a rundown of films I have seen by the following big-name stars in the action genre (who also happen to be some of W’s favorites, and some of my least favorites).
Chuck Norris – “Violence is my last option.”
  • None (not that W hasn’t tried to force me to watch one)
  • Steven Seagal – ““I am hoping that I can be known as a great writer and actor some day, rather than a sex symbol.”
    • None (Thank God)


    Clint Eastwood – “Go ahead, make my day”
    • Unforgiven
    • Dirty Harry
    • Million Dollar Baby

    Sylvester Stallone – “They drew first blood, not me.”
    • Rocky
    • Rocky II
    • First Blood (Rambo)
    • Tango & Cash
    • Demolition Man
    • The Expendables

    Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed."

    • Terminator I
    • Conan the Barbarian
    • Commando
    • Twins
    • Total Recall
    • Kindergarten Cop
    • Last Action Hero
    • Junior
    • Jingle All the Way
    • Batman and Robin
    • The Expendables

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    Eastwood? No!

    My idea for this blog stemmed primarily from my boyfriend (let’s call him W), but there was another factor that led to this creative endeavor. I am currently taking a course on cinema. The course is called cinema of liberation. I’ve seen one film in the class so far and that’s “In the Name of the Father”.

    Recently, we started on our second film, a Clint Eastwood film, Unforgiven. Now I’ve never actually watched a film Clint Eastwood was in, although I’ve most likely watched one he’s directed. But in the first hour or so of this film, I found it interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. So I felt the need to text W and question him on why he had never shown it to me before. Now of course he became defensive because he’s definitely mentioned watching Eastwood movies before but he said I always said no, which is true. I guess I carry around this notion that all Eastwood films are about cowboys and that’s just not what I’m in to. 

    Watching Unforgiven encouraged me to try another Clint Eastwood movie so W suggested Dirty Harry. Having finished watching it I have mixed feelings. There was a decent, suspenseful plot in which Eastwood played a cop tracking a serial killer. The movie was made in 1971 and it was easy to tell given how young Eastwood looked. (Let me tell you he wasn’t bad looking back in the day!)

    There was a lot of female nudity in this movie which didn’t really do anything for the plot but I guess becuase it was a typical guy movie so I should have expected it. I learned from this movie that there is more to Clint Eastwood than cowboys and I shouldn’t be prejudice against him until I’ve actually watched something he’s in. I finally discovered where the quote, “Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk”, came from! I haven’t finished Unforgiven yet but when I do I’ll be sure to give a more complete analysis of it.  

    Dirty Harry

    Action: 8 Plot: 7 Overall: 7.5


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